Credentialing and Privileging

A rigorous medical staff credentialing and privileging program is critical to delivering high-quality care and supporting patient safety. MSO for the WebTM (MSOW), Morrisey’s Web-based physician credentialing software, streamlines the entire process — from onboarding through reappointment — by eliminating paper-based, manual administrative tasks.

MSOW credentialing software allows you to screen practitioners without paper files, phone calls and faxes. Communicating practitioner information electronically dramatically reduces labor costs and errors, promotes collaboration throughout your organization, and helps you get practitioners on board faster than ever.

Rich scanning, work flow, security and reporting features give you the tools you need to simplify and standardize credentialing and privileging. MSOW credentialing software also allows you to comply with accreditation requirements, including Focused Professional Practice Evaluation and Ongoing Professional Practice Evaluation. Another plus: MSOW automates provider network management, online applications, contract management, administrative reviews and peer reviews.

MSO for the Web (MSOW) makes your job easier with these features:

  • User-configured work flows
  • System-generated employee work lists and manager watch lists
  • Automated verification
  • Behind-the-scenes expirables tracking
  • CAQH Import
  • Integration with the National Practitioner Data Bank Query service
  • Integrated electronic documents
  • Integrated electronic signature for online applications, privileges and administrative review forms
  • Field-level security with audit trail reporting
  • Multiple standard and ad hoc reporting options

Organizations can expand the core MSOW credentialing software to meet specific credentialing and privileging needs. MSOW modules help you manage every step of the credentialing cycle.

MSOW modules include:

MSOW Network Management – provider network management
MSOW Practitioner Portal – online applications
Morrisey Privileging Solution – privileging content and forms
Privilege Manager – privileging management
Conditions Manager – practitioner competence assessment
MSOW Administrative Review – automated credentialing reviews
MSOW Peer Review Manager – practitioner case reviews
Auto Apps – pre-populated practitioner forms
MSOW Contract Management – automated contract administration
MSOW Residency Management – manage resident data and competencies
CVO Billing – billing procedures for CVOs
HL7 Export – distribute practitioner data to other hospital systems

Morrisey offers two installation options for MSOW: remote-hosted with Software as a Service+ (SaaS+) and client-hosted.

With MSO for the Web (MSOW), you can:

  • Reduce costs with standardized procedures and work flows
  • Meet quality benchmarks by ensuring that practitioners are qualified and competent
  • Improve the quality of care by focusing on big-picture strategic activities
  • Extend secure access to practitioner data throughout your organization
  • Increase revenue with streamlined practitioner recruitment and onboarding
  • Improve accuracy and timeliness of reporting so that stakeholders can act quickly
  • Eliminate paper documents and storage
  • Meet accreditation requirements

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