HL7 Export


Morrisey’s HL7 Export module allows you to automatically distribute accurate and verified practitioner data other hospital information systems require. With the capability to create customized outbound HL7 messages, all downstream systems remain current as MSO for the Web (MSOW) records practitioner data.

The MSO for the Web (MSOW) HL7 Export module makes your job easier with these features:

  • Secure, encrypted, real-time data sharing
  • Increased accuracy of data transmissions
  • Elimination of redundant data entry

The HL7 Export module is one of the many expansions to the MSOW credentialing software system, which is designed to meet specific credentialing and privileging needs.

Other MSOW modules include:

Apogee – provider network management
MSOnet – online applications
Morrisey Privileging Solution – privileging content and forms
e/Delineate – privileging management
Focused Professional Practice Evaluation/Conditions Manager – practitioner competence assessment
Administrative Review – automated credentialing reviews
Peer Review Manager – practitioner case reviews
Auto Apps – pre-populated practitioner forms
Contract Management – automated contract administration
House Staff – manage resident data and competencies
CVO Billing – billing procedures for CVOs

Morrisey offers two installation options for MSOW: remote-hosted with Software as a Service+ (SaaS+) and client-hosted.

With the MSO for the Web (MSOW) HL7 Export module, you can:

  • Save time through electronic exchange of practitioner data
  • Eliminate redundant data entry
  • Make MSOW credentialing software the source of truth for practitioner data in your organization
  • Increase efficiency and accuracy with customized outbound messages

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