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Morrisey’s MSOW Practitioner Portal module helps you achieve truly paperless credentialing. Using an automated work-flow process, it provides Web-based management for practitioner data collection, applications and privilege request forms, saving your department precious time and resources.

MSOW Practitioner Portal is a Web-based portal to the MSO for the Web (MSOW) credentialing software database. Within this module, you can rely on an automated process to notify practitioners about application requests, provide secure access to online data collection templates, ensure the capture of relevant data and import new information into your MSOW practitioner records. To save even more paper, MSOW credentialing software supports electronic signatures and submission of supporting documents through secure upload to the MSOW Practitioner Portal.

The MSO for the Web (MSOW) Practitioner Portal streamlines the application process for you and your practitioners with these features:

  • Automatic application request notifications for practitioners
  • Reduced data entry with pre-populated data collection templates
  • Electronic storage of practitioner applications and supporting documents
  • Integrated electronic signature capability
  • System-generated submission notifications
  • Automatic data import from the Portal after review and correction
  • Tracking and status updates on applications and requests
  • Secure, direct data entry point for practitioners

The MSOW Practitioner Portal is one of the many expansions to the MSOW credentialing software system designed to meet specific credentialing and privileging needs.

Other MSOW modules include:

MSOW Network Management – provider network management
Morrisey Privileging Solution – privileging content and formspage_id=229″>e/Delineate – privileging management
Conditions Manager – practitioner competence assessment
MSOW Administrative Review – automated credentialing reviews
MSOW Peer Review Manager – practitioner case reviews
Auto Apps – pre-populated practitioner forms
MSOW Contract Management – automated contract administration
MSOW Residency Management – manage resident data and competencies
CVO Billing – billing procedures for CVOs
HL7 Export – distribute practitioner data to other hospital systems

Morrisey offers two installation options for MSOW: remote-hosted with Software as a Service+ (SaaS+) and client-hosted.

With the MSO for the Web (MSOW) Practitioner Portal, you can:

  • Manage practitioner applications and privileging requests securely online for quick turnaround
  • Improve efficiency, maximize productivity and reduce costs through automation
  • Eliminate paper applications and storage
  • Standardize procedures and work flows for appointment, reappointment and privileging requests
  • Automatically send and receive notifications regarding online data collection templates, so you can focus on strategic issues rather than routine administrative tasks
  • Receive electronic signatures and uploaded supporting documents quickly and securely
  • Capture and import data directly from practitioners for accuracy and reliability
  • Meet accreditation requirements, ensuring your practitioners are competent and qualified

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