Privilege Content and Criteria


Delivery of high-quality patient care depends, in part, on the strength of your clinical privileging process. The Morrisey Privileging Solution helps you verify that practitioners are qualified to perform specific procedures using a criteria-based system.

Morrisey derives privilege content from national sources, as well as from leaders in the medical community and a customer advisory board. Morrisey provides content and quarterly updates for more than 100 medical and surgical specialties and advanced practice allied health professionals through a Web-based subscription service. Stand-alone and groupings of privileges are available, as well as related Focused Professional Practice Evaluation requirements.

The Morrisey Privileging Solution makes your job easier with these features:

  • Updated, comprehensive privileging content, including ICD and CPT codes
  • Convenient privilege groupings based on specialties and subspecialties
  • Drag-and-drop interface for building and customizing privilege forms
  • Linked Focused Professional Practice Evaluation requirements within groups of and stand-alone privileges
  • Attributed sources for each privilege form
  • Integrates with Morrisey’s e/Delineate privileging software

The Morrisey Privileging Solution module is one of the many expansions to the MSOW system designed to meet specific credentialing and privileging needs.

Other MSOW modules include:

Apogee – provider network management
MSOnet – online applications
e/Delineate – privileging management
Focused Professional Practice Evaluation/Conditions Manager – practitioner competence assessment
Administrative Review – automated credentialing reviews
Peer Review Manager – practitioner case reviews
AutoApps – pre-populated practitioner forms
Contract Management – automated contract administration
House Staff – manage resident data and competencies
CVO Billing – billing procedures for CVOs
HL7 Export –  distribute practitioner data to other hospital systems

Morrisey offers two installation options for MSOW: remote-hosted with Software as a Service+ (SaaS+) and client-hosted.

With the MSO for the Web (MSOW) Morrisey Privileging Solution module, you can:

  • Standardize your privileging process, improving patient care and guarding against negligent credentialing
  • Create and customize single and multifacility privilege forms simply and seamlessly
  • Improve efficiency, maximize productivity and reduce costs through standardization
  • Eliminate paper documents and storage
  • Meet accreditation requirements, ensuring your practitioners are competent and qualified
  • Seamlessly integrate with Morrisey’s e/Delineate privileging software

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