Privileging Management


Introduce yourself to fully automated privileging management. Morrisey’s e/Delineate® module helps you quickly manage all steps of the privileging process, including practitioners’ requests for privileges, the release of delineated privileges from the medical staff office and the distribution of data throughout your organization. e/Delineate privilege forms also incorporate your organization’s specific guidelines related to Focused Professional Practitioner Evaluation requirements.

With definable criteria and easy access to forms, this streamlined privileging process combines your organization’s current methods with Web-based efficiency, providing a uniform decision process that minimizes your organization’s legal risk.

In addition to reducing risk with process enhancements, e/Delineate automatically alerts the medical staff office if practitioners request privileges beyond their qualifications. Alerts cover training, certification, licensing and other requirements, adding another level of protection to your privileging process.

The MSO for the Web (MSOW) e/Delineate module makes your job easier with these features:

  • Definable privileging criteria for granting and renewing clinical privileges
  • Detailed privileging history for each practitioner
  • Real-time, view-only access to practitioner privileges for authorized hospital personnel
  • Proctoring management, including entry points for reviewer comments
  • Detailed reporting with easily extractable data
  • Automatic alerts about unmet privileging criteria
  • Additional Focused Professional Practitioner Evaluation support with the Focused Professional Practitioner Evaluation/Conditions Manager module
  • Integrated privileging content and forms from Morrisey’s Privilege Content and Criteria Builder (PCCB) module

The e/Delineate module is one of the many expansions to the MSOW credentialing software, which is designed to meet specific credentialing and privileging needs.

Other MSOW modules include:

Apogee – provider network management
MSOnet – online applications
Morrisey Privileging Solution – privileging content and forms
Focused Professional Practitioner Evaluation/Conditions Manager – practitioner competence assessment
Administrative Review – automated credentialing reviews
Peer Review Manager – practitioner case reviews
Auto Apps – pre-populated practitioner forms
Contract Management – automated contract administration
House Staff – manage resident data and competencies
CVO Billing – billing procedures for CVOs
HL7 Export – distribute practitioner data to other hospital systems

Morrisey offers two installation options for MSOW: remote-hosted with Software as a Service+ (SaaS+) and client-hosted.

With the MSO for the Web (MSOW) e/Delineate module, you can:

  • Automate and standardize your privileging process, improving turnaround time and minimizing legal risk
  • Maintain detailed privileging histories on each practitioner
  • Reduce your administrative burden by integrating and customizing standard privileging content from Morrisey’s Privilege Content and Criteria Builder (PCCB) module
  • Review a large volume of privileging requests efficiently so practitioners can start billing quickly
  • See information updates in real time for improved process control and throughput
  • Improve visibility of practitioner privileging data throughout your organization quickly and securely
  • Improve efficiency, maximize productivity and reduce costs through automation
  • Eliminate paper documents and storage
  • Meet accreditation requirements, ensuring your practitioners are competent and qualified

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