Performance Analytics

Evaluate practitioners in a timely and meaningful way.

Quality care begins with competent practitioners. Overcome the challenge of producing meaningful practitioner performance reports with Morrisey Performance Analytics.

See what Morrisey Performance Analytics (formerly Morrisey Practitioner Performance Reporting, or MPPR) can do for your healthcare organization in this video:


Morrisey Performance Analytics provides an automated and intuitive process for assessing, tracking and reporting on practitioner competence across a healthcare enterprise. It includes a directory of best-practice, specialty-specific indicator definitions for more than 100 adult, pediatric and allied health specialties. Indicators cover inpatient and outpatient settings.

Indicator definitions are available online and include detailed descriptions, links to clinical privileges, recommended performance targets, national benchmarks (where available) and implementation guidelines.

Morrisey developed Morrisey Performance Analytics with a clinical advisory board that vetted the initial content and continues to refine it so that it remains current.

Morrrisey Performance Analytics makes your job easier with these features:

  • Dashboard trend analysis capabilities
  • Evaluation at the practitioner, specialty and organization levels
  • Reporting templates for adult and pediatric specialties
  • Specialty-specific indicator content that is linked to privileges
  • Indicator definitions, including criteria, benchmarks and performance targets
  • Data mapping from hospital systems to Morrisey Performance Analytics
  • A work list to review and confirm completed reports and to document interventions

The performance analytics solution includes:

Morrisey Performance Analytics Content Builder Website – set up and manage performance reports
Morrisey Performance Analytics Reports Manager – map data to reports and manage production schedule
Performance Reports Viewer – review performance reports online
Morrisey Performance Analytics Dashboard – make critical decisions based on compelling, actionable information

Morrisey Performance Analytics communicates with our core product, MSO for the Web (MSOW). Morrisey Performance Analytics, Morrisey Privileging Solution and MSOW work together to give you the integrated clinical and administrative data you need to support effective, efficient operations and reporting.

With Morrisey Performance Analytics, you can:

  • Evaluate performance at the practitioner, specialty and organization levels using dashboard trend analysis
  • Generate more effective reports using templates for adult and pediatric specialties
  • Base reports on specialty-specific indicator content that is linked to clinical privileges
  • Define criteria, benchmarks and performance targets for better overall report management
  • Map data so you don’t have to enter it manually when it’s time to create a report
  • Confirm completed reports and document required interventions using a convenient work list
  • Eliminate paper documents and storage
  • Meet accreditation requirements, ensuring your practitioners are competent and qualified

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