Content Builder Website

Producing meaningful practitioner reports is a major challenge. Morrisey enables you to meet the challenge with specialty-specific report templates and indicator content that streamlines the reporting process.

Morrisey hosts the Morrisey Performance Analytics Content Builder website that contains proprietary reporting templates for each adult, pediatric and allied health specialty. Reports are organized into sections to focus on critical areas, including clinical activity, general performance indicators, specialty-specific indicators and peer case reviews.

Clinical activity and performance indicators link to specialty-specific privileges, allowing users to evaluate required practice volumes and quality of care based on granted privileges.

The Morrisey Performance Analytics Content Builder makes your job easier with these features:

  • Categories for six areas of core competency
  • Drag-and-drop interface to personalize reports

Morrisey Performance Analytics also includes:

Morrisey Performance Analytics Reports Manager – map data to reports and manage production schedules
Performance Reports Viewer – review performance reports online
Morrisey Performance Analytics Dashboard – make critical decisions based on compelling, actionable information

With the Morrisey Performance Analytics Content Builder website, you can:

  • Personalize reports, including adding your organization’s logo, choosing specific indicators, and setting performance targets
  • Review alerts and updates Morrisey posts to the Morrisey Performance Analytics website
  • Review detailed indicator definitions
  • Set organizational performance targets for each indicator
  • Activate or deactivate indicators based on your specific needs
  • Build test data and run sample reports for your clinical teams to review
  • Publish reports to your organization’s reporting server

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