Measuring and using physician-level performance information is critical to national efforts to improve the quality of care. The Morrisey Performance Analytics Dashboard enables physicians and other leaders to quickly review underlying detailed information and identify areas that require intervention with point-and-click trend analysis.

Physician leaders and managers can review trends at the practitioner, specialty and organization levels.

Healthcare leaders can identify opportunities for improvement quickly in aggregate, as well as by practitioner, department, facility, specialty and system, using the dashboard. They can also view national benchmarks, when they’re available, so they can see how their practitioners’ performance compares to that of other practitioners across the country. The intuitive drag-and-drop interface provides real-time insights that enable organizations to measure outcomes against quality, efficiency and patient satisfaction goals.

The dashboard provides analytics in two views: One shows performance by specialty and the other by indicators. The specialty view shows how practitioners in a single specialty are performing, while the indicator view looks at performance across all specialties. The indicator view also enables healthcare leaders to identify specific practitioners who need intervention.

The Morrisey Performance Analytics Dashboard makes your job easier with these features:

  • Intuitive point-and-click interface
  • Detailed analysis tools that help to identify areas that require intervention
  • Specialty-specific data for individual facilities or systems

Morrisey Performance Analytics also includes:

Morrisey Performance Analytics Content Builder Website – set up and manage performance reports
Performance Reports Viewer – review performance reports online
Morrisey Performance Analytics Reports Manager – map data to reports and manage production schedules

With the Morrisey Performance Analytics  Dashboard, you can:

  • Analyze a wide range of performance-related data
  • Identify opportunities for improvements using a standardized process

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