Performance Reports Viewer

Providing performance feedback to individual practitioners is critical to improving the quality and efficiency of healthcare. The Performance Reports Viewer enables department chiefs and other managers to review performance reports on a work list. Physician leaders confirm they have reviewed all reports and, if needed, document required interventions. The system provides an audit trail to confirm that reports were reviewed.

The Morrisey Performance Analytics Reports Viewer makes your job easier with these features:

  • A work list that organizes reports by clinical specialty
  • Flag indicators when practitioners don’t meet performance targets
  • Ability to document required interventions

Morrisey Performance Analytics also includes:

Morrrisey Performance Analytics Content Builder Website – set up and manage performance reports
Morrisey Performance Analytics Reports Manager – map data to reports and manage production schedule
Morrisey Performance Analytics Dashboard – make critical decisions based on compelling, actionable information

With the Morrisey Performance Analytics  Reports Viewer, you can:

  • Review and confirm reports before sharing them with practitioners
  • Document interventions and follow-up action plans
  • Confirm who reviewed each report and when

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