Reports Manager

Accessing practitioner performance data from many hospital systems is seamless using the Morrisey Performance Analytics Reports Manager. It allows you to map indicators to underlying data sources so that reports run automatically. That means your staff doesn’t have to spend precious time gathering data manually.

The Reports Manager provides the foundation for a reliable and consistent data aggregation and reporting system. Managing and maintaining reports for each specialty, setting up data mapping and establishing a reporting schedule shaves significant time from the performance improvement process.

The Morrisey Performance Analytics Reports Manager makes your job easier with these features:

  • Automated indicator data mapping to underlying data sources
  • Convenient report scheduling options

Morrisey Performance Analytics also includes:

Morrrisey Performance Analytics Content Builder Website – set up and manage performance reports
Performance Reports Viewer – review performance reports online
Morrisey Performance Analytics Dashboard – make critical decisions based on compelling, actionable information

With the Morrisey Performance Analytics  Reports Manager, you can:

  • Map each reporting indicator to underlying hospital data sources
  • Schedule and run ongoing performance evaluation and reappointment reports
  • Save time and resources with automated data capture
  • Ensure consistency and accuracy of data

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